Living Large: Big A#%! Yoga is Back in Minneapolis

Fat. Big. Larger. Plus-sized. Husky. Rotund. Fluffy. Abundant. Whatever your word of choice, if you're living in a larger body, you might think that yoga isn't for you.

Au contraire.

Yoga an awesome way to add joyful movement to your life and there are classes created especially for you.

Before I became a yoga teacher, I didn't know that there were yoga classes for fat people. Everyone I saw on the mat was slim and I was always the largest person in the room. It was awkward and I spent a lot of each class worrying about how to appear less fat among the lithe bodies around me. Oh, if I knew then what I know now.

Yoga for fat people

More than a decade ago, Jen Gray created Big A#%! Yoga for folks who felt called to the mat, but were uncomfortable in a mainstream class setting due to their size. After Jen sold the (now defunct) Yoga Center of Minneapolis to a new owner, Big A#%! Yoga fell off the schedule. Plus-sized yogis were left to fend for themselves.

Good news, Fat Minneapolis! Big A#%! Yoga is back at the gorgeous new Yoga Center Retreat in Saint Louis Park, MN and I'm beyond tickled to be teaching it!

Big A#%! Yoga is for you if you:

  • Worry about being the fat person in a yoga class

  • Have always wanted to try yoga, but worry about being a beginner. (There's a 6-week Beginner Big A#%! Yoga series!)

  • Want to practice with a fat yoga teacher who can help you find the variation of a pose that works in your body

  • Have a sense of humor. The Big A#%! name thumbs its nose at all the classes that aren't welcoming to yogis in larger bodies

  • Want to celebrate what your body can do and have a laugh or two along the way

There are two Big A#%! yoga opportunities currently on the schedule at The Yoga Center Retreat:

  1. Weekly drop-in classes at 9 AM on Sundays starting on April 14

  2. Six-week Beginner Big A#%! Yoga series, Tuesday nights at 7:45 PM starting on April 16.

These classes are about exploring yoga in the body you have today. These classes are not about intentional weight loss or how your body looks. Come practice yoga with our community of larger-bodied yogis in a safe space just for you.

I hope to see you on the mat!

Rachel Holdgrafer, fat yoga teacher, seated in easy pose with the palms of her hands touching at heart center on a turquoise yoga mat.