Donation Yoga Classes at Yoga Center of Minneapolis!

I'm thrilled to announce that I will be teaching a series of four donation-based hatha yoga classes at Yoga Center of Minneapolis (YCM) Saint Louis Park location this fall! This is my home studio and so I'm tickled to be student teaching here! 


Fridays, Oct. 27, Nov. 3, Nov. 10, and Nov. 17 from 6 PM-7:15 PM


Yoga Center of Minneapolis
4200 Minnetonka Boulevard
Saint Louis Park, MN


Make a cash donation in the amount of your choice to the YCM karma yoga fund!

Who are these classes for?

You! This class is suitable for any age, ability, or experience level. This class is for you if you:

  • Want to try yoga, but aren't sure where to start

  • Tried yoga before, but felt intimidated by your classmates folding themselves into human origami around you

  • Think you're too old, too fat, too stiff, too inexperienced, too whatever (fill in the blank with your adjective of choice)

  • Have wrists, shoulders, knees, or hips that need extra love and attention during a yoga class

  • Need an hour in your week where you are unreachable by cell phone, computer, or carrier pigeon where you can breathe and reconnect to your body

What to expect in this class

This class will include lots of warm ups, breathing exercises, gentle standing and seated poses, and a generous savasana (reclined relaxation pose) at the end. Props are provided and encouraged to adapt poses to fit your body (rather than the other way around). Wear stretchy, comfy clothes--yoga gear not required--and bring a mat if you have one. (The studio has a limited supply of mats you can borrow.)

Let's do yoga!

Come spend 75 minutes decompressing from your work week! It's a gorgeous mirror-free space with lots of props and plenty of free parking. There's private changing space and gender-neutral bathrooms, too. I hope to see you there!