Yoga That Fits YOUR Body

The other day this video of Pink's acceptance speech at the VMAs came across my Facebook feed.

Pink's message to her daughter touched me. For those of you who didn't watch, the message was simple.

Be yourself and the world will adjust.  

This video has stayed with me. The message is a powerful one, especially to a young girl who is trying to figure out her place in the world. The message is powerful to 41-year old, fat yoga teachers too.

So much of mainstream yoga is about looking a certain way and practicing yoga in a certain way. Worse, it's about wearing the "right" yoga pants. The physical practice has been commercialized to within an inch of its life and, as a result, there's now a "yoga type." And the majority of people don't fit the type, so they don't think that yoga is for them.

Like Pink's daughter, we assume that because we don't look like the media says we should, we are less worthy in some way. That because we don't look like what the media says a yogi should, we can't do yoga.

It's not true.

Yoga is not about what you look like

Believe it or not, having a yoga practice has nothing to do with whether you can make the "right" shapes with your body. Or put your foot behind your head, or whether you're wearing the right clothes. There was no such thing as matchy-matchy yoga outfits 1,000 years ago. People did yoga in their regular clothes. Simple.

In the yoga world, we've forgotten that yoga is not actually about what you look like at all. Yoga is about calming the mind and remembering who you really are at the core.

True yoga adjusts to meet you where you are. It adjusts to fit your body--not the other way around. And it's available to you no matter your age, ability, size, race, gender, or economic status.

Find a teacher who understands that your yoga is uniquely yours.

If you're in Minneapolis and you're interested in doing yoga (but don't feel like you fit the "yoga type"), let's talk. I'd love to have you in one of my classes. No fancy yoga pants required.