Jim Carrey explains the Yoga Sutras to me

Since beginning yoga teacher training, I've read the Yoga Sutras three times. Once on my own, while reading the The Heart of Yoga. (Desikachar snuck them into the back of the book!) The second time was with my classmates and a teacher. The third time through was when I read Inside the Yoga Sutras. Each time I understood a little bit more, but there's still a lot of concepts that I'm trying to get my arms around. One of them is about the self, the Self, and the world at large. It's some heady stuff.

In the Yoga Sutras, there's the self with a small "s" (or the ego) and the Self with the big "S" (called the Purusha in Sanskrit). This the truth of who you at the core of your being. The Yoga Sutras calls the physical world Prakriti. The entire goal of yoga is to cut through the Prakriti and the ego to get back to the true self, the Purusha.

In Inside the Yoga Sutras, Reverand Jaganath Carrera explains that we are not the things in our lives. We are also not our thoughts. This makes sense to me. I am not my physical body. I live in my body, but I am not my body. I am also not my car or my house or this computer I'm typing on. My yoga and meditation practices are helping me realize that I am not my thoughts either. (That's a helpful realization when it comes to dealing with anxiety and fear and success, even.)

So who is it that does all these things? Who is perceiving this computer? Who is living this life? Who inhabits this body? Who is thinking these thoughts?

I told you, it's heady stuff. I've spent a lot of time thinking about it as I read Inside the Yoga Sutras. Then this video popped up on my Facebook feed and the whole concept became a little bit clearer.

Is Jim Carrey "woke" as Prince Ea states in the video above? I can't say for sure. I have no idea if Carrey has read the Yoga Sutras. But it's clear to me that he's talking about concepts covered in the Sutras, especially the Purusha, whether he realizes it or not.